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An abandoned village in East Haddam, CT...and a few scenic spots in the surrounding area.  [home]

Above and immediately below - Tartia-Engel Falls in East Hampton on a sunny July day. The falls are directly along Tartia Road and are about 20 feet in height. The source is Safstrom  Brook.

Johnsonville - a 62-acre "ghost town" - is part of the town of East Haddam. It was originally a mill town in the mid 1800s and was briefly resurrected to be a tourist attraction in the 1960s, but that never came to pass unfortunately. Still in good condition since the previous owner died in 1998, it is currently on the market for a minimum bid of $800,000 and is an absolutely gorgeous spot, as you will see!

While "no trespassing" signs are posted, you can drive through the middle of the village and take photos. The village recently was the filming location for a to-be-released Cuba Gooding, Jr. motion picture called "Something Whispered," which completed shooting in the spring of 2013 and will make the film festival rounds the following fall (2013).

Johnson Millpond...Twine was manufactured here in the 1800s, using water power from the Moodus River...Click here for a good history of the village...

Above and immediately below: Several street lamps, once gas powered no doubt, eerily line Johnsonville Road, which runs through the center of the village...

Above and below: Summer reflections in Johnson Millpond, created by the Moodus River. Click here for an excellent website detailing the history of Johnsonville from the 1830s to the present!

Above: alongside what was once the Neptune Twine Mill on Johnson Millpond, one of a dozen mills using water power along the Moodus River. The other mills were located along the river to the north of this spot...

An old hand-operated water pump, next to the "General Merchandise" store below...

Some buildings were actually moved here by the previous owner, intending to create a "Sturbridge Village" kind of attraction, which could have been a wonderful addition to the area!! Above was the Frank General Store, built in 1845 and brought to the village from Peru, Mass. Such a shame things did not work out - at least so far!

The spillway at the southern end of Johnson Millpond...an old saw mill is still located a bit farther downstream.

Wildflowers are flourishing along the banks of the Moodus River, just past the spillway.

Finally, not too far from Johnsonville, in the town of East Hampton, is the 94-foot Comstock Covered Bridge, built in 1873 originally and then reconstructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936. A "town with queenpost truss" construction, the bridge is easily reached just off CT Route 16, on Comstock Bridge Road. It spans the Salmon River, which is also easily accessed by a gentle path. This is a gorgeous spot, especially in the fall and should be well worth the trip!

As you can see, Connecticut offers some lovely scenery! If you live locally especially, you should take some time to explore our area...you'll be glad you did!   - Donna and Dennis




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