A bit about who we sell: Being in the leisure travel business for 25 years, we have gradually selected a group of trusted travel suppliers who we feel offer the best in value, quality and reliability and meet our criteria. There are a number of others who we choose NOT to represent. Our reputation - and your dream vacation - are on the line and so we may tell you that we are unable to give you a quote from an ad or other source you may have found. When we provide a quote for a trip, it is just that - an initial quote. We will work with you to provide the best value for your money, via a trusted supplier and within any realistic budget. Remember, especially in the world of travel - you get what you pay for! As Travel Counselors, we want you to feel you are getting a good value and great service, as opposed to some "deal" found on the Internet at a "rock-bottom" price. As we say, we are serious about travel...and we hope you are too! 

-Donna & Dennis Hubbs, CTC/MCC





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